Predictive analysis indices

BGI Cutting-Edge Poprietary Indices Help You Take Better Decisions

In addition to the BGI Index, we help a limited number of firms, sophisticated investors and Bitcoin professionals take better investment decisions by providing several less-known, time-specific indices.

BGI indices are the result of our daily taking of “the pulse” of the Bitcoin economy.

When taking decisions on the Bitcoin space, organizations and investors face some of the most complex information challenges in business today. The amount of information available to the support decision making process is staggering. Different sources publish thousands of Bitcoin-related news pieces every day. Dozens of existing Bitcoin companies and new entrants into the Bitcoin space generate new variables that must be taken into account in order to evaluate investment opportunities efficiently.

BGI: First company to bring algorithm-based predictive data analysis to Bitcoin

The hundreds of variables and metrics included in BGI’s algorithm-based calculations include current and historical Bitcoin unit price, volume of transactions, market size, global and local adoption, local regulations, market entry and exit points, mining output and technology, social sentiment, “black swan” events, Bitcoin integration with online/offline current commercial ecosystems, market penetration in function of local demographics, significant upcoming events and new technologies, and many more.

Each one of the wide range of data points and interrelated factors accounted for into the system are weighed in according to the country where they happen and its local market and regulatory forces.

In addition to this, our hybrid information-input approach adds and adjusts (when needed) key information and data points into the system through the sophisticated understanding of variables that only humans can provide.


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BGI investment indices are provided in a variety of time-ranges, in order to best assist decision making in the short, medium and long-term:

Every one of these indices can be purchased separately or delivered to clients on an ongoing basis.


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