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Understanding Bitcoin, the easy way

We offer a wide range of Bitcoin seminars and workshops for corporate, government and private clients in partnership with As a result of the research on his book “Mobile, Domains and the future” and his extensive work in the area of internet trends and opportunities, Javier Marti currently offers seminars and presentations on the advent of digital currencies and the future of money, specializing in the Bitcoin currency. BGI’s seminars are based on an overview of basic concepts related to virtual currencies, the investment opportunities available to investors in this sector, future trends affecting the price of Bitcoin, and potential opportunities and threats appearing in the Bitcoin space in the short, medium and long term. Javier’s thought provoking and informative talks and Bitcoin presentations answer many of the most common questions about Bitcoin. He also offers extremely valuable insight on the future of Bitcoin as an investment vehicle.

Javier on Bitcoin:
Do Bitcoins hold intrinsic value, or are they “overvalued”?

Up and down: positive and negative effects of dramatic Bitcoin corrections


Information provided in the Bitcoin Seminar and Presentations Includes…

Understanding Bitcoin: What is Bitcoin? How Bitcoin Works? Who can buy Bitcoins?

Many individuals and organizations today have a skewed or incomplete vision of the BTC currency. What is it all about?

How to buy Bitcoins

Cash, bank transfers, credit card, Paypal, local or international exchanges… the methods to invest into Bitcoin are seemingly confusing. What is the best method?

Should My Business Accept Bitcoin?

Adapting systems, calculating chargebacks, commissions, fees, disruption to established customer service procedures… there are advantages for merchants offering Bitcoin as a payment option, but is it right for you?

Risks and Opportunities for Bitcoin Investors. Will Bitcoin Survive? Will Bitcoin Crash Again?

Will Bitcoin be here tomorrow? Is this a totally speculative investment or is Bitcoin here to stay? Investing directly or indirectly? Holding coins, buying BTC shares… what’s the best way to take advantage of this trend?

Is Bitcoin “a bubble”? Will Bitcoin Survive? How High could Bitcoin go?

If Bitcoin is a bubble, what would prevent it from blowing? If it will blow, when will it happen?

Will Bitcoin be made Illegal? Is Bitcoin Legal?

There are powerful interests that will work against the implementation of Bitcoin as a method of payment. Governments may take action against a rapidly growing digital currency. Will it happen? Why? How? When?

What is the future of Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin Safe?

Depending on who you believe, Bitcoin is a disaster waiting to happen or Bitcoin is the most important technology since the invention of the internet itself. How to make sense of these confusing opinions?

The “Bitcoin bubble”: How to Profit from the Increasing Value of Bitcoin

The Bitcion currency has seen great increases in value in a relatively short period of time. It has also been affected by great volatility as increasing demand and technical difficulties slows down its adoption and harms its credibility. At the same time, many investors have seen dramatic increases in the value of their initial investment. Could you take advantage of these same forces that are helping others to make money?

What is the Best Time to Invest in Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

How to time the market? What are the buy and sell signals related to the Bitcoin market? What current or future events will affect the valuation of Bitcoins?

How to Time the Bitcoin Market

Is there a way to time the market? Should you attempt it? What are the risks and opportunities associated with timing the Bitcoin market?

Best time to Sell Bitcoin

If you have already invested in Bitcoin, is this a good time to sell? When should you sell Bitcoin for maximum profits?


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