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BGI Specialized Indices: The Secret Investing Edge Enjoyed by those In-The-Know

In addition to the BGI index, we provide other less-known highly specialized indices currently being offered to a select group of international investors and traders, by invitation only.

BGI is the first company to bring algorithm-based predictive data analysis to Bitcoin.  Our proprietary, highly sophisticated indices allow organizations, private investors and traders to make well-informed decisions on timing and expected return of any investments in Bitcoin currency or in Bitcoin-related companies or projects.

BGI indices and key insights can also be used by Bitcoin professionals to make better recommendations to their clients based on comprehensive analysis of market conditions, client’s past decisions, recent events and available investment options in the world of Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Presentations and Future Trends Seminars

As part of our endeavours to educate the market on all things Bitcoin, we offer a range of seminars and workshops for corporate, government and private clients, in partnership with JavierMarti.co.uk.

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Bitcoin Information Consulting and Analysis

Investing wisely based on the right information.

BGI’s input, insight and reports allow clients to make informed decisions about investment choices, trading patterns and general risk management.

In the world of Bitcoin, timing and the right information are an essential part of the mix leading to a successful investment.

At BGI we save our clients time by providing the right information, at the right time, in the right way.

Our team of Bitcoin professionals gathers, compiles, collates and evaluates all the information related to Bitcoin and your interests, be it a private individual, a company or a specific business field.

We specialize in extracting the “signal” from the “noise” and delivering reports that meet and exceed client requirements.


Bitcoin Virtual Team Recruitment and Management

We have the largest database of Bitcoin programmers, developers, SEO specialists, web designers, network security and crypto specialists, business visionaries and investors.

Whatever your needs, we can help you make your projects a reality with the help of the best and most reputable professionals in the Bitcoin world, carefully hand-picked by BGI.


Bitcoin Mediation and Escrow Services

We take the risk out of the operation by offering mediation services for all types of Bitcoin-related transactions, acting as a trusted escrow fund between buyers and sellers or investors in Bitcoin-related projects.

When you use our mediation services, your Bitcoin or service will be released by BGI only once the product, service or Bitcoin amount is delivered by the other party, as previously agreed.

Our mediation and escrow services take the risk out of Bitcoin-related transactions when trust is an issue.

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Bitcoin Business Negotiation Services

Our negotiation services include:

Typical projects:


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