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In close partnership with some of the most innovative market leaders in their area of expertise, we offer new entrants,  sophisticated investors and Bitcoin holders a wide range of exclusive investment opportunities with different levels of risk and profitability in and out of the Bitcoin environment, including Bitcoin investment funds, non-Bitcoin equity funds, Bitcoin startups, international property, art and precious metals.

Benefits of Bitcoin-alternative investment opportunities offered by BGI partners include:

– High return on investment (1 to 7 times invested capital)

– Minimal Bitcoin exposure

– Diversified investment holdings across different industries and countries

– Regular dividend payments

– Zero-risk guaranteed investments (US$ 1.000.000 and over)


Buying Bitcoins

The Bitcoin landscape is a rapidly-changing environment in which it is as easy to lose money, as it is to make it. The key difference between those who multiply their investment and those whose lose it, is the key information that Bitcoin Global Investment provides.

As new exchanges, merchant processing companies and new and ambitious Bitcoin startups appear on the landscape and are affected by new -and sometimes confusing- regulations, inexperienced investors may unintentionally break the law if their investment is not properly executed.

BGI assists both small and sophisticated investors by providing them with the information they need, whenever they choose to invest in Bitcoin.

Investing in BGI

Maximizing Bitcoin opportunities. Minimizing your risk.

If you are interested in investing in, or acquiring Bitcoin Global Investments, contact us for more details. offers a wide variety of services to the growing global market of individuals and organizations interested in learning more, investing into and developing projects around the Bitcoin currency.

“Buying Bitcoins while their price is so bubbly is nothing more than a gamble. Investing in other online currencies, or in companies that can help the Bitcoin economy develop, looks like a sensible use of a venture capitalist’s money.”

Investing in BGI’s domain portfolio

BGI’s domain portfolio holding have been chosen to open its owner to extract the maximum value of Bitcoin-related opportunities. All the domains in our portfolio are SEO friendly, stressing the importance of having the right keywords in the domain name, as well as the powerful marketing and long-term investment value of the .com extension.

All domains in this list are easy to pronounce, spell, remember and write down.

BGI offers some of these domain names in the following terms:

1) Co-development offers
Do you have amazing content for these domains or are you looking for a great domain for your business idea? Do you have good contacts that would make it easy for us to create an amazing website? Let us know. We offer excellent profit-sharing terms. If you are interested in co-developing these any or these entire domain names with us, contact us with clear details of your idea including teams, skills, time projections, etc…

2) Offers to purchase any one or a group of the BGI domains.
We offer flexible payment terms in Bitcoin or Fiat.

3) Leasing
We offer short, medium and long-term leasing offers for each one of these domains

Exact-keywords domain names are extremely valuable. As an example, notice the increase +80,000 visitors in one month for this website, “”. This website has seen a great increase in the number of visitors in the last few weeks, however, this domain name is still too long, looks bad as a real business name and narrows too much what an organization can do with such domain names.

The domains in BGI’s portfolio, listed below, don’t have that problem. They are easy to remember, acceptable as company names and have much wider potential uses.

We believe that through crashes and corrections, the Bitcoin currency will continue increasing in value, but later on corporations, banks and eventually the general public will want to be part of the Bitcoin economy and will want to invest into BTC in many different ways. Our research indicated that there is a high probability of a GLOBAL speculative bubble being formed around BTC before it reaches its balance point. However, as time progresses, the tools and investment vehicles will finally be there and it will become increasingly easy to buy, invest, trade, and most probably, ask for credit against Bitcoin capital. The emergence of credit and the development of a complete ecosystem around Bitcoin opens up immense new markets and possibilities for those well positioned in the BTC market from the start.

Based on these assumptions, the domains below will be highly valuable to proactive entrepreneurs or savvy investors as an investment asset for development, or simply to resell them in the future as good domain names will always be in very limited supply.


See Bloomberg article on the value of Bitcoin-related domain names

Bitcoin Domain Acquired for 1.1 Million USD

Here are the domain names in BGI’s portfolio and some information on their potential value:

1) As Bitcoin becomes more popular as a currency to hedge against inflation, there will be an increased demand for services that allow the general public to provide for their future income.

Due to the increasing risk of confiscation of funds and the potential confiscation of precious metals and bank account savings, individuals will urgently attempt to “escape” into the Bitcoin currency. At this time, general web searches could drive the general public to visit:



This is a growing market-fuelled by a rapidly-aging global population and the wealth of the baby-boomer generation.


2) Next, is a market with huge margins.

This domain/website could be a fantastic broker for lots of core and related products. The domain/website includes massive markets such as collision insurance, bodily injury insurance of vehicle property and damage, and liability insurance. 1,830,000 global monthly searches, average cost PER CLICK of $10 and average referral rates of $5 to $25 per lead:


On similar lines, the next domain name represents $34 billion in revenue, a growing market with 16,600,000 global searches, an average cost per click of $17 and an average referral rate of $15 per lead:


This domain can provide multiple products such as leisure/business rental, car leasing and car sharing, or act as a brokerage for several service providers.

The next domain represents an opportunity to participate in a $4 Trillion market with 347,981 businesses competing for buyers. More than 50,000 are sold each day in the US alone. There are 1,490,000 global monthly searches for the terms “buy car” and an average cost PER CLICK of more than $12:



3) The domains below are uniquely positioned to be re-sold to financial companies wanting to get into the BTC opportunity or developed today before the competition enter this space, enjoying first-mover advantage.



At the level of common investors in Bitcoin, this domain, below, can be used as a gateway for various types of investments including shares of BTC companies:



On a similar note, and due to the growing market for direct-to-consumer loans, in 2013 Google invested $125 million in one of the companies catering to the market these domains refer to:




4) The following domain is valuable because the general public will appreciate the idea of a “bank” that will “keep their coins safe”, even if banks are not needed in the BTC economy. Once again, great name, hugely profitable business and global reach through the domain:


This domain can also act as the umbrella brand of a global alliance of financial institutions involved in international development projects funded through Bitcoin.


5) Another huge and growing market will be to secure the public’s wallet, accounts and investments. This domain is general enough to do all that and much more, including under its own brand, selling loss insurance, life insurance and counter-party transactional risk.


As an example, 74.000 current global monthly seaches for “loss insurance”, average cost PER CLICK of $20, and average referral rates of $15 to $22 per lead.


On the same line, wallet security will also be a big and growing market, the main reason being that non-techies (the majority of the market) want easy and safe solutions to their storage problems. This domain, below, will be great to sell all sorts of wallet-related security solutions.




6) As the BTC economy and its valuation grow, many “new wealthy” individuals will try to unload BTC’s into other assets, including precious metals and property. Part of this money will not be “official”, but its owners will still need a place/way to invest it. Then they’ll go to:


Note that this site can sell/rent/lease/auction all sorts of property including land, office buildings and commercial space. Do the math on potential profits. Commissions for property companies in this market range from 1% to 10%, depending on the country. Commissions for websites referring clients that buy a $150,000 property can range between $3,000 to $6,000. *per property sold*



7) As we go forward and BTC becomes mainstream, speculation fever will reach the masses. Around the same time there will be different ways or “stocks” to speculate through BTC, and the common man/woman will not want to lose the opportunity to invest. This domain below will have a huge audience and enable its owners to sell many associated products including day-trading courses, discount shares, financial advice, etc… and also make profits through sponsorship and advertising:




8) This domain, below, will help to bring the voucher model Groupon has failed to properly exploit to the BTC economy:


It can also act as a deal aggregator, or international meta-search engine for deals.

 On a similar line,


In 2006 affiliate commission payouts were estimated at $6.5 billion worldwide.

Affiliate marketing spending stats & forecast: 2009 – $1.94bn, 2010 – $2.15bn, 2011 – $2.53bn, 2012 – $2.99bn, 2013 – $3.47bn, 2014 – $4.01bn

Affiliate marketing is a “multi-billion marketing channel, which comprises more than 200,000 businesses and individuals


9) Another huge market, and one of the earliest to be explored in the coming months, will be the delivery of payment solutions to small and large businesses as they accept BTC. Notice that this domain can act as a broker for many different service providers or be resold later to a specific company that wants to corner the market through a fantastic domain:




10) Finally, this domain will be very useful centralizing all sorts of multimedia information teaching the general public about BTC. It will offer all sorts of associated products



 Other domains in the portfolio





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